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Ka'Loko Mourning

Ka'Loko Mourning

On March 14, 2006 Ka’Loko Reservoir on the North Shore of Kaua`I burst. A huge wall of water smashed a path of destruction down Wailapa Stream to the ocean. The land was stripped down to bedrock, destroying forest, farmland, homes, and lives. Seven people and an unborn baby were swept to their deaths in the pre-dawn darkness. This piece is my tribute to all that was lost and damaged. It is an expression of sadness for the violation of responsibility that comes with stewardship of the land. It is also a quiet celebration of Hope for the resiliency of man and nature to heal and re-grow. Life will go on. Miscellaneous and Upholstery fabric. Embellished
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    32"W x 36"L 2006 Award Winner
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