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Ka loko Mourning
Artistry of Lea Ingram

Experience Lea Ingram's exuberant expressions of love as Art Quilts and Watercolor paintings created on and inspired by the beauty of Kauai, the Garden Island of Hawaii.

Life is art, art is Life​: intricate, profound, delicate, inspiring, uplifting, and healing.  It is sweet and bitter and often heartwarming. Art, like life,​ is divine mystery, yet it is also so very simple. These qualities both fascinate and inform me, and are the inspiration for creating my art.  ​


I hope my work speaks​ to you, perhaps in ways that would surprise me, ways that are for you alone. It is my great ​privilege to participate in life as an artist.

​​Thank you for visiting my website.  You are a special guest in my virtual studio.  Please enjoy.


​With Aloha,


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